Welcome to the Millionaire FX Academy 

Millionaire FX Academy is group of professional independent traders, who came together to deliver education, information, strategies, and support from to the public. Our founder Tazz Smith a 6 figure trader and  has published three unique hands-free trading systems, which are designed to make profitable trades, and minimize losses. Alongside the hands-free systems, he has over two hundred videos of education and strategies in the Academy, as well as one on one training. While a young yet experienced entrepreneur in the currency and marketing industry, Tazz Smith is becoming a well-known name, for his knowledge, personality and desire to help others.

The Mob Boss

Tazz Smith


Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, Tazz Smith has always had the mindset for wealth, and the heart for helping others. While from very humble beginnings, later paired with proper mentorship from Billionaires, he has educated himself on the Foreign Exchange Market, Stocks, Cryptocurrency and various computer systems.